IPO Advisory
Preparation activities
Preparation / review of the Business Plan
Preparation of the Management Presentation
Valuation of the Company
Invitation document for the selection of the placing banks
Monitoring of the performance of the capital markets overall and of the main valuation benchmarks
Selection of the placing banks and negotiation of the Rules of Engagement
Management support in the process to minimise impact on the operations of the Company
Preparation of the exchange documentation (QMAT, Business Plan, Business section of the IPO prospectus, etc…)
On-going verifications on valuation at the key moments of the process (selection, equity story, pre- marketing, pricing)
Preparation of the Analyst Presentation
Review of the investor selection for the pre-marketing activities
Review of the pre-marketing feedback
Management support in the negotiation of the price range
Management support in the negotiation of the final placing price and “IPO discount”
Review of the final allocation